Our Story

Element Formula referred as ELFormula, is a skin care brand  established in 2018. ELFormula has always focused on the research of ingredients, and has established ELF Lab®, which consists of first-line R&D teams in USA and Korea. The R&D team members are all from the international first-line skin care group. The brand has a series of products such as serum, mask, cleansing remover, water cream, essence, etc, all of which have achieved the non-irritation experiment of the Ministry of Health of Seoul Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute, and the international SGS fluorescent agent test and CNAS laboratory accreditation.

“Ingredients inspire skin”, from need of customer, with a simple attitude to pursue the essence of effective skin care. Simple and effective. This is all we want.

ELFormula is committed to finding simple and effective formulas based on product safety without adding unnecessary ingredients such as hormones and fluorescent agents. Every product born in ELF Lab® has to go through consumer research – product development – full testing. After thousands of trial/errors and constant adjustment of formula based on tester feedback, we finally find the golden match for each ingredient. ELF Labs® selects quality manufacturers that have passed the EU standard GMPC100 certification and possesses a number of patented technologies according to the requirements for the safety, precision and stability of the preparation of different products, and selects the top raw materials according to strict standards. At present, suppliers of raw materials for ELFormula include many well-known global companies such as CLR, BASF and DSM. 


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